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Owen is the oldest member of the group. While athletic and recruited by an Ivy League university for rowing, he is not always necessarily the "quickest runner in the race" at times upstairs. But Owen is a kind fellow and with a good heart and always willing to help out a friend. A friend for Owen is a friend for life.

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Ramsey, also known as "The Prince of Darkness" is the more pessimistic, cynical one of the group. While not completely evil and mean Ramsey does take great pride and joy in mocking others and bringing down their hopes. But despite all this he is a member of the group and is very entertaining to be with.

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Although Chase has lived most of his life in the Garden State, he as picked up many of the habits and traits from going out to college in the midwest. His newfound appreciation for nature and the great outdoors influences his actions which often keep the other members of the group on their toes.

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Marco is the ladies man of the group. He lives and breathes for the opposite sex even though at times it might not be returned. One can only admire the persistance that Marco shows when he has a girl as a goal and pulls out all the stops to win her over.

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Wallace bestows Owen, Ramsey, Chase, Marco, and everyone else with his advice. He is the elder Piney who gained much wisdom in the eight years he is older than the rest of the group. He is much respected, despite being very funny looking.

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Fran is known as being "one of the guys." However she isn't literally and while being a friend of the group is also quite mocked and made fun of. Nevertheless she is a good soul and friend to them and would lend a helping hand if the time called for it.

First Appearance

Alecto was created by Ramsey in his plans for conquering the world. But despite Ramsey's desire of Alecto being a "killing machine," the robot adapted and gained many other emotions and wants. Thus while possessing the power to destroy the world, the robot finds other talents and interests to pursue.

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